Company Profile

Jsudo, founded in 2014, is headquartered in Shanghai.

Acceleration is a company dedicated to providing digital marketing/services for the supply chain of enterprises/institutions.

Our product line covers online marketing planning, mall development, smart parks, intelligent customer service, and enterprise micro SCRM systems, applied in marketing promotion, online transactions, sales management, logistics delivery, and service support, committed to helping enterprises develop more investment value "digital" asset products. The R&D center is located in the city of technology, Hefei, and the sales centers are located in Beijing and Shenzhen.

We provide enterprises with "three-dimensional integration" solutions based on the field of "supply chain e-commerce", i.e "Online + offline" channel integration, "marketing + service" scene integration, "software +BPO" business integration. Ultimately, it helps companies generate revenue, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Choose acceleration company, Internet entrepreneurship is not lost!

Our mission

Create value for customers, and get the same value recognition!

Corporate vision

Develop efficient Internet tools to enable smes to expand diversified marketing channels and achieve business growth.

Company dynamics